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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Reason #2 to Hate Taxes

Reason #1 is that the income tax is a seizure of personal property that the Constitution banned and needed a Constitutional amendment to allow it.

Reason #2 is that politicians use the income and other taxes to promote their own goals or cater to special interests, picking winners and losers every time that they do so. Case in point:

Arlington, VA has enacted a big hybrid tax deduction that makes everyone who does not have a hybrid pay more, to fund the deduction.
The county, which is promoting a wide variety of green initiatives, last year introduced a special tax subsidy for people who bought "special clean fuel vehicles," which include most hybrids.

It gave owners a 100 percent rebate on personal property taxes, up to $20,000 in assessed value, for hybrid cars, giving some residents tax savings of more than $500.
Why this tax break is so ridiculous on its face is that citizens who take public transit or walk to work get zero tax breaks and are subsidizing Prius owners, who might be driving 100 miles or more back and forth every day, hauling down the HOV lane as they are allowed to because they have a tax-subsidized hybrid, and writing the whole thing off, both federally ($3,500)and locally while truly "green" Metro rides are left footing the bill.

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