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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Savino Escapes His Second Death; This Time From A Knife

Christopher Clanton, the Baltimore based actor who played Savino Bratton on The Wire, was stabbed in the buttocks and chest at a social hall in Baltimore County. He's reportely doing well.
About 2 a.m., Baltimore County police rushed to Overlea Caterers Inc., in the 6800 block of Belair Road, and used pepper spray to disperse a crowd of about 30 people, several of whom were fighting, a police spokesman said.[...]

The actor, who lives in Northeast Baltimore, has had his own encounters with the law.

In August 2006, Clanton pleaded guilty in Baltimore Circuit Court to manufacturing, distributing and dispensing a controlled dangerous substance and other drug-related charges.
Brief reminder: Savino was killed by Omar outside the club during episode 7 of this final season. Full article here.

In other Baltimore-violence-related-news, it was a bloody weekend in the city with two murders and 3 other non-fatal shootings over the holiday weekend.

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