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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There's a War at Home

Try to ignore the style and length of this opinion column in the SF Gate, that resembles a rambling blog post more than a newspaper column, and focus on the substance of his attacks on the War on Drugs.

And then, well, then you turn around and realize it's all pretty much a big, nasty joke. Pointless, senseless, quite nearly useless — that what you've done really makes no difference whatsoever. And what's more, it never really has.

Is it not brutally true? Is this not pretty much the norm now, the common wisdom, going on nearly 40 years of the modern and abysmal "War on Drugs" and hundreds of billions of dollars spent and countless thousands of lives lost and prisons overflowing, and yet we're a nation that's more illegally drug-happy than ever?

Sometimes you just have to ask. Because truly, this grand and insidious "war" must be one of our greatest national embarrassments, an enormous, unspoken failure, far worse in its way than the lost and disgusting war in Iraq, given how it's caused more misery and more pain and more destruction across multiple decades and nations and governments and continues to cost countless billions of dollars and yet has, as all stats and studies reveal, almost zero effect on the overall drug culture of the nation.
He makes a good point. I know I wish that "anti-war" activists would focus their energy on the longest running war by the United States. Not only the longest running war, but the longest running war by our government on its own people. Is that not more repulsive than just about any foreign war? It might just be my view of things, but foreign wars are a legitimate action by the federal government. One of the few. But a war on its own people? A war to keep people from ingesting certain substances? That's not only nuts, it's disgusting and unconstitutional -- if that matters anymore.

It might not be a sexy to protest the drug war --you know, as sexy as say, becoming human shields to protect Saddam's palaces -- but it's most definitely a better use of the activists seemingly never-ending free-time.

Full piece here.

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