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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tournament tips today at 12:20. Look for the live blogging tradition to continue over the next few days as time with booze in front of the TV permit. Or time in front of my desk at work. CBS offers streaming video of the games here.

Picks to follow before the Georgia-Xavier game at 12:20.

Upset Locks:

1) #7 Davidson over #10 Gonzaga, Round of 64 Midwest Region -- Davidson has been itching for a NCAA tournament win since about, oh...1969. They return the same team of shooters -- full of seniors now -- that played Maryland down to the wire last year in the tournament. Sophomore Stephen Curry gets as hot as he can get scoring 30 points and leading Davidson to a win over the forgetful 'Zags.

2) #13 Winthrop over #4 Washington St, Round of 64 East Region -- OK, I admit. This isn't a lock; but I like this pick. So what if Winthrop has losses to UNC-Ashville (home of the world's tallest man), and my alma-mater, Coastal Carolina (better known for as a hotbed for STDs, not basketball); while Washington St has been a top 25 team the entire season and was predicted at the beginning of conference play to challenge for the Pac 10 title. I still like Winthrop. Washington St is a blah team with past tournament failures. Winthrop wins on the back of guard Michael Jenkins.

More to come...

Sweet 16 Locks

I have these 9 teams in the Sweet 16 for all my brackets: 1)UNC, 2)Louisville, 3)Kansas, 4)Clemson, 5)Memphis, 6)Pittsburgh, 7)Texas, 8)UCLA, 9)UCONN

UPDATE: Pretty standard results so far. That Xaiver-Georgia game was a good one from what I saw; but fortunate for me and my bracket Xavier held them off.

What I really wanted to comment on was the Kent St-UNLV game...Are those really 10 points that I see on the board for Kent St after an entire first half? Is ther a scoreboard error? Or just another case of a mid-major flop? 10 points could be a record of sorts, and its not even two Big Ten teams playing.

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