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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire Dissapoints

My opinion may change after a few days, or upon a re-watch of the show and season, but for me the finale (written by Simon) was curious, almost un-Wire-like in ways. Most importantly, and it really should be important to the consistency of the show -- Where was McNulty's fall? Was it losing his job? That was it?

The first hour moved along at a quick, but logical pace, the last 30 minutes felt rushed and forced. Did it have to feel like that? Maybe. You have high hopes going into a series finale, especially for a show like The Wire, but perhaps the argument that I've always made about The Wire -- that unlike most other shows, it deserves to graded on the season more so than individual episodes -- holds true even for the series finale. I'm open to that, and as far as the season as a whole goes, I was pleased, much more than many other critics and non-Baltimore viewers (it's tough to find anyone in this city who watches the show and has a bad thing to say about it).

Here's the Sun's television critic on the finale who, legitimately points out that for as much as Simon enjoys repeating the Greek tragedy line about The Wire to whomever will listen, we didn't see much of it in this series finale.

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