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Monday, April 21, 2008

2288 Grams is a Lot of Shrooms

Our country is no doubt a little bit safer after police confiscate 2288 grams of psilocybe mushrooms that some master drug smuggler attempted to mail cross-country via USPS. I could understand a few pills; maybe some pot, but 2288 grams of shrooms? Seems ambitious at best, really stupid at worst. Either way it failed.

The bigger War on Drugs-is-a-Big-Failure point still remains though -- we are looking at mushrooms, not a pile of dead Russian hookers that police discovered in a shipping container -- but fucking mushrooms. We spend billions of dollars a year in enforcement so that police can proudly take a picture of a huge pile of mushrooms. Pretty silly if you ask me.

More here at the always informational DEA Microgram Bulletin, including the always popular heroin in a laptop and meth, meth, and more meth.

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