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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Also "Moustache Rides" Are Naughty Too

In an apparent attempt to prove that Borat was not a joke, an Azerbaijan newspaper has a shocking expose on a local English Pub. It seems the pub's name, The Camel's Toe, might also have another meaning, one unknown to the decent Azerbaijanis! Take it away Mustapha:

Azerbaijan is among the most tolerant countries of the world.

This has been repeatedly stated even on state level. Our country serves as an example for other CIS states.

However, foreign citizens, residing in our country, should not make use of this tolerance.

We will present a little example, which reflects disrespect of British citizens towards the local population. It should noted that we do not try to wage international enmity, we are just presenting a fact.

A pub named Camel's toe which initially seems to mean what it means -"A toe of a camel" functions in the very center of Baku, several meters away from the passage, at 22. Mamedaliyev street.

But, in fact the name has a double meaning. The Camel's Toe has a meaning "the clear visible presence of a woman's vulva as a consequence of wearing overly right pants (

A question comes to mind: was it named so on purpose? And what does the logotype of the pub, which locates in one of the most popular streets of Baku, mean?


Why did they name the pub like that? Could they not understand that this may arise protest among the local population? Perhaps, the British citizens wanted to introduce European culture in Azerbaijan, forgetting about the local mentality?

Perhaps, they wanted to mock at Azerbaijanis, who are not aware of such details of British slang? Or perhaps they bound the slang name of the pub with Azerbaijani ladies, visiting it?

Alas, after this was brought to the attention of all good, loyal Azerbaijanis, the pub owner took down the sign. Alas.

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