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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amy Winehouse Confirms: "I am a legend...I want to take drugs"

Amy Winehouse is my hero. My Badass Hero:
Grammy award-winning singer Amy Winehouse could be facing arrest and a possible six month jail sentence after she allegedly attacked TWO men while on a drug-fuelled bender.

The drug addict singer, 24, faces a police quiz after claims she 'headbutted' a man who was trying to help the singer get a cab outside a bar, and then was said to have allegedly punched a second victim in the face.

According to the Sun, a source said the singer also kissed a mystery man at a nightspot, and in one bar threw drinks around and overturned tables while she screamed 'I am a legend...I want to take drugs'.
Awesome stuff. Honestly though, isn't it pretty common knowledge in England that you approach Amy Winehouse after dark at your own risk? It's like playing with bears, then all of a sudden, one bites you in the neck killing you, and your all like, "wha' happened?? I was just playing with a 700lb brown bear and now I'm dying" Amy Winehouse is like that bear. Only not trained. And constantly on drugs. But both their bites are ferocious and potentially deadly.

More from London's night demoness:
After arriving home at 4am Amy then had to break into her own home in the early hours yesterday after losing her keys.[...]

It is also claimed at one point she emerged and tried to punch and headbutt a man in the street before buying the early editions of yesterday's papers and heading for home, where she had to gain entry via the garage.[...]
OK, in all fairness to the booze saturated diva; I doubt too many of us would hold up well to the scrutiny of a dozen photographers and reporters following us around during a normal weekend bender. I'm not saying I headbutt people who open cab doors for me, but I've been known to play Homeless Tossing on Cross St a time or two...OK, so it's every weekend. Don't judge me until you've tossed a 90lb homeless man down the street. Too much fun.

Full story here complete with lots of pictures.

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