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Friday, April 11, 2008

Another SF Dispatch

I just got back from SF this morning after being delayed by stormy weather and general airport dysfunction due to the FAA suddenly deciding that they need to actually do something.

I love to report on SF as it is at once the most tolerant the most intolerant city in the US.

I was at the Olympic torch protest and was hoping it would escalate as I wanted to throw a brick through a window but, alas, there was no riot.

But I do have a good smoking story to tell. I was exiled into the freezing wind outside my hotel where I met a fellow smoker. He invited me into the Irish bar next door and bought me Guinness. Two guys there also liked me so the smoker went at them fists flying and chairs breaking. That is what I call a good old-school good time fight. So even in San Francisco men love to crack each others' heads.

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