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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bananas Go Bad!

In the world of Pointless Studies that Get Published in Papers and Picked Up by Wires, do you think the guys who got this gig of going through the trash of 2,100 Britons are looked down upon? The guys who are "always picked last for the studies". They whine about, "never getting to do the studies that involve sex, drugs or booze". I sure would. Daily Mail:
The astonishing scale of wasted food has been revealed with figures suggesting that the nation bins 4.4million apples every day of the year.

Even worse, families throw away around one third of all the food they buy, according to a study.[..]

They surveyed some 2,100 householders, going through their bins to discover exactly what families are throwing out.
Gross. So you need to go through the trash of a few thousand people to determine that a lot of produce goes bad before you can eat it? Or that people waste a lot of the food they buy?

I don't know what I love more about living in such a prosperous time; a) that we are rich enough that we can afford to throw out shit loads of food and not starve or, b) that we are rich enough to carry out studies that showcase how rich by pointing out what everyone knows -- that we can afford to throw out shit loads of food and never worry about starving. It's quite a time we live in.

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