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Friday, April 04, 2008

Breaking News: Two People May Move to Baltimore

Is there a chance that Jenna Bush and her soon-to-be husband are moving to Baltimore? Via Wonkette, Washington Post's Reliable Source reports:

In barely more than six weeks, Henry Hager will have a new wife -- Jenna Bush, as you may have heard -- and a brand-new graduate degree in business. So presumably a new job is on the horizon?

According to a student at the University of Virginia's Darden School, where Hager is in the final weeks of MBA study, Hager's friends are buzzing that President Bush's future son-in-law will be going to work for Baltimore-based Constellation Energy.[..]

Also: The betrothed couple has reportedly house-hunted in the Baltimore area, according to People. They'll get hitched at the Bush family ranch in Crawford, Tex., on May 10.
Fantastic! Just the other night -- when walking back home from a lovely meal out with my lady friend I was thinking, "Why don't more wealthy, upper-class white couples move into this city?"

Of course, during that same walk a black man with a large penis yelled at us:

"I'll fuck your whore. I have a big dick. I'll face-fuck your whore and snuff you mother-fucker."

Ah...Well, that answers that.

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