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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Casino Workers "Tired of Gambling with Their Lives", Finally "Hit Jackpot"

Tighter smoking restrictions to be levied against Atlantic City casinos:
ATLANTIC CITY (AP) — Ending a battle of more than a year, the City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to ban smoking on the gambling floor at all 11 Atlantic City casinos, starting on Oct. 15.

In a 9-to-0 vote, the Council did away with the last major loophole to a tough statewide ban on smoking in public buildings that had exempted gambling halls.

But patrons will still be able to light up in smoking lounges away from the gambling tables and slot machines, if the individual casinos choose to build them.
More on the "victory" from the only guy in America who choose his job because of the cool, verbal word play he gets to use.
The employees of Atlantic City’s casinos have hit a jackpot of their own tonight,” said Dr. Arnold M. Baskies, chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society in New Jersey and New York.

“Hard-working casino employees have been keeping Atlantic City’s multibillion-dollar casino industry on a roll, but have been gambling with their lives for far too long,” Dr. Baskies said.
Whatever, it was only a matter of time before this conclusion was reached. Besides, the battle in New Jersey wasn't nearly as much fun to watch as the smoking-ban battles on Indian land, where Indian tribes have essentially said fuck you to state legislatures. I'm not sure how long they can hold out, or if it even matters in a few years when no one in this country smokes anymore, but in the meantime it's kinda fun to watch Nannies vs Indians.

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