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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First They Came for the Strippers ...

... And I said said nothing because -- I swear, honey -- I never, ever, go to those places. Honest.

Canada is considering a bill that would allow the government to refuse entry to hot foreign women seeking to rub their boobs in a stranger's face for moolah on the grounds that those women might be victims of exploitation. The Great White North's National Post reports:
The legislation would allow immigration officers the right to refuse temporary Canadian work visas, particularly to strippers, if officials feel the women could be victims of sex trafficking.

Well, that's how it is being sold. In fact, as Federal Immigration Minister Diane Finley concedes, it is potentially much broader than that:
Ms. Finley herself has said the revised law would apply not just to exotic dancers but to any woman at risk of exploitation, including people in low-skill jobs and agricultural workers.

In other words, Canada could refuse entry to any woman they claimed might be in danger of being exploited. 'Course if she is already being exploited in her home country, well, that's cool with them.

This is all a reaction to a minor scandal that happened a few years back:
Under the former Liberal government, foreign exotic dancers could apply for temporary work permits because they were identified as "skilled workers" who filled a labour shortage in Canada.

The policy became controversial when former immigration minister Judy Sgro granted a residency permit to a Romanian stripper who had worked on Ms. Sgro's campaign.

Ms. Sgro was eventually cleared of conflict-of-interest allegations in the so-called Stripper-gate affair and the Liberals scrapped the program in 2004.

Well, one might think that because that turned out to be a non-scandal, no legislative remedy would be necessary. But that's not how democracies roll, baby.

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