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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hillary Winning Over Whites in NC To Halve Obama Lead

That's the story in the SurveyUSA poll today showing Obama 49% Clinton 44% in the North Carolina primary race. Quoting the poll:

Obama has led by 10, 8, 10, and 9 points. Today: 5. White voters are key. Since January, Clinton had led among Carolina whites by 14, 19, 17, 22 and 23 points. But today, suddenly: 31. In the Research Triangle, Clinton is up 9 points, week-on-week; Obama is down 3; a net swing of 12 points to Clinton. Among unaffiliated voters, Clinton has overtaken Obama for the first time in 2008, though the difference is small and within the sub-group's margin of sampling error. The two tie among Moderates. Obama leads slightly among Liberals. Clinton leads slightly among Conservatives. There is enough cross-current in the political waters that SurveyUSA's final pre-Primary poll, next week, may show more movement -- though in which direction it is impossible to know.
Wright isn't helping Obama out much with his wooing of Washington at his National Press Club shindig that has now forced Obama to come out with a much less tempered statement than when the Wright story first broke. I'm not smart enough to know how this plays out for rest of the primary battle, let alone the general election if Obama makes it; but I think it is foolish to think that Obama is anything but weakened from the past few months. I've thought for some time that Clinton is the stronger general election candidate against McCain, and the past 2 months have done nothing to convince me otherwise.

This is what happens when you leave the Clintons in the game...

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