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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary Wins By 10%, No End in Sight

Hillary stays strong with her base in PA, and Obama continues to hope that the little known voting bloc of white -- middle-aged and older -- middle-class voters will, at some point vote for him. It might happen come November; but ask yourself this -- who are old white people more likely to vote for in a presidential election with their two choices being: 1) a young black lawyer with an ivy league education, a smidgen of elitism, and a trio of Abercrombie and Fitch models in the foreground of his speeches, (see above right) or 2)the 100 year old white guy who has run for president before, and also happens to be a Vietnam veteran and former POW.

I know my answer, and it's not the black guy...Of course the question is - are those non college-educated whites the swing voters in '08? Probably. Forget the exit polling data, numbers can always be tricky, the key worry for Obama supporters should be his inability to win in big states, whether earlier in the race or now as the end nears against Clinton. This says the same thing that the exit polling does -- Obama isn't the trans-everything candidate that he was made out to be. He doesn't appeal to every voter demographic, not nearly. Without looking at specifics, that alone should give McCain and his team a serious confidence boost.

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