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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In a World Unknown To Anyone, Rob Calls Men Who Fuck Street Walkers "Disgusting"

I noticed yesterday that our 'Baltimore' label was getting an abnormal amount of traffic. Checking the 'Came from' statistics I was hoping to find a link from a reputable blog, praising the wisdom and wit of TtP. Instead I found the traffic coming from this url: (link probably NSFW)

It's a message board for johns in Baltimore where users can rate different street walkers, provides helpful tips, locations, etc. I talked about it here, in the post that the message board guy was trying to link back to...If fucking Baltimore street walkers hadn't rotted his brain so much as to make linking to an individual post too challenging for him. Here's what 'Sleeping Bag' had to say about Rob:
And the Sep 24 posting on sees us mongers having "nothing better to do" and our sexcapade postings as "disgusting," and full of "shock and horror."

So to all of us, let us not say we weren't warned that 5.0 monitors this and that we've been shunned as social rejects...
How great is the internet? I couldn't have written a better parody is I had tried. Classic stuff. Mark this one down kids -- this is most likely the last time I will ever be accused by guys who bone street walkers of not being fully on their side. As a matter of fact, I'm hurt. I've now spent the better part of a year and a half, protecting the little guy who would rather pay $20 dollars for sex with a crack-addled Latino hooker off the side of the road, than pay the astronomical prices of an escort service...Or, you know, try and normally date. And this is the thanks I get? Outrageous!

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