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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Israeli Anti-Drug Authority Shares Notes with ONDCP

Good to know anti-drug hysteria linking pot smokers to terrorist isn't limited to just within our borders. Although from looks of it Israel's Anti-Drug Authority seems to be taking the cultural "destroy us from within" approach, different from the ONDCP's "you fund terrorism with your dime-bag purchase" meme. Neither are very persuasive.

From the LA Times blog -- Babylon and Beyond:
ISRAEL: Drugs - going out with a bong?
"At the end of every joint sits Nasrallah," an irresistible headline beckoned me this morning. A mouse-click led to a critique of the new campaign ad by The Israeli Anti-Drug Authority, showing Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah wafting, genie-like, out of a bong. "They want to destroy us from within," it cautioned. Hezbollah intends to flood Israel with drugs, which pose a strategic threat to Israeli society: "Anyone doing drugs is lending a hand to the next terror attack!" The ads (below) ran in Tuesday's papers.

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