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Monday, April 07, 2008

Kermit the Frog Should Help the Sun-Sentinel Write Editorials

War on Drugs insanity from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial:
U.S. should help Guyana fight drugs

ISSUE: Guyana's president wants a U.S. DEA office in his country.

English-speaking Caribbean countries have become transshipment ports for drugs headed to North America and Europe. So it's not a bad idea to have a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration office in the region to help combat illegal trafficking.[...]

Stronger relations with countries like Guyana could go a long way in fighting the flow of drugs here on the home front. And with Guyana and the United States having a history of cool relations due to the country's socialist leanings during the Cold War, having a DEA office in the country could help usher in a new era of cooperation, which is much needed at a time when national security is a concern.

BOTTOM LINE: The State Department should grant the South American country's request.
Excerpt from soon-to-be-published TtP editorial:

ISSUE: South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial board is made up of dim-witted retards.

Editors of Florida newspaper show stunning lack of knowledge concerning the effectiveness of the US to police drugs within its own borders; let alone abysmal failures in foreign countries such as Afghanistan, Colombia, Jamaica.

Establishing a DEA office and working closely with the South American country would contribute greatly to corruption in the country, alienate much of the local population, and achieve exactly none of the stated goals -- such as reducing the flow of drugs into our country.

BOTTOM LINE: The editors should all find new jobs that require much less intellectual curiosity, and reasoning like washing cars, or cleaning monkey cages, and quit "journalism" for good.

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