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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pre-Lunch Links

Zimbabwe update.

Who knew fax machines were such an important component of diplomatic relations on the Korean Peninsula?
Meanwhile, South Korea's Defense Ministry sent a fax message to the North Korean military asking it to stop trying to rile its neighbor. The North's moves came after the South's top military officer said last week the country could strike suspected North Korean nuclear targets if there were signs of an imminent atomic attack.
Meanwhile South Korea also complained that North Korea "never sends confirmation of receipt" of their faxes, and always "claims that the fax never went through, even when we (South Korea) have a confirmation on our end".

That's so 1995 Koreas. Word is, South Korea would have sent an email to North Korea's Hot Mail account, but their e-mails always get marked as spam so it is faxes or ICQ messages for the neighboring country.

Sen. Jim DeMint makes a lot of sense when he says the tax-code makes no sense:
[...]a change in the American tax code two years ago that has raised considerably the tax burden facing many American expatriates - and which, in turn, often makes it more expensive for U.S. companies operating abroad to keep Americans on their payrolls.

"It makes absolutely no sense," said Senator Jim DeMint, Republican of South Carolina, of a system that makes the United States the sole developed country to tax income earned by its citizens abroad.

He is sponsoring legislation to remove the limit - currently $82,400 - on the amount of foreign-earned income exempt from taxation.
I've come to like Jim DeMint much more than I thought I would when he was running for Fritz Hollings's open Senate seat in 2004. I happened to be living in South Carolina at that time and was forced to listen to him say relatively (for the state he was running in) crazy things during a tight race like, "gays and unmarried woman shouldn't be allowed to be school teachers". In fairness to him he said even crazier things like "I will work to get rid of the IRS". He hasn't accomplished that goal, but I'd give him 2 out of 5 stars for his efforts against excessive government spending and taxation. That's practically an A+ in the Senate.

Best Buy beats expectations in the 4th quarter, and helps to confirm what the mall parking lot has been telling me for some time.
April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Best Buy Co., the largest U.S. electronics retailer, said fourth-quarter profit fell less than analysts estimated as the company sold more higher-priced items including laptops and video-game consoles.
'Cause you know, X-boxes, VIAOS and Mac Books are important things to have during an economic depression.

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