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Thursday, April 17, 2008

That's So Sketchy

Kid should have stuck with his gut reaction:
N.H. Principal Lures Student Into Drug Deal

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) ― A New Hampshire student is suing his high school after he was lured into an alleged drug deal by a principal from another school posing as a friend.

The deal was set up by Bishop Brady High School Principal Jean Barker on a cell phone she confiscated from one of her students, according to police reports.

She received a text message from Concord High School senior John Huckins, 17, stating "Yo, you need a bag?" according to police reports.

Barker, who suspected Huckins was referring to bags of marijuana, asked for two. Pretending to be the phone's owner, she arranged, through text messages, to meet outside the back door of her school, and called police.

Huckins sent two messages saying he was reluctant to meet on school property, according to police reports.

He wrote "that's so sketchy" and "dude, I don't like that" and suggested waiting until they could meet after school. But the Catholic school principal persisted.
It's a shame the principal of Concord High School has nothing better to do than set-up drug deals to bust up small time pot dealers. I guess every student at Concord High has nothing else to learn about. Nothing. They are the brightest and most accomplished high school students anywhere in the world. Since he's finished his work in educating children at his school, he probably felt it was time to move onto crime fighting. Makes sense.

Full story here.

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