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Monday, April 07, 2008

Today's Special: Frog-Fried Rice

Let's hear it for the protesters across France who gave the commie bastards in Beijing fits early today. They turned the Olympic torch relay into a spectacle wackier than a Jackie Chan movie outtake:
Paris' Olympic torch relay descended into chaos Monday, with protesters scaling the Eiffel Tower, grabbing for the flame and forcing security officials to repeatedly snuff out the torch and transport it by bus past demonstrators yelling "Free Tibet!"

The relentless anti-Chinese demonstrations ignited across the capital with unexpected power and ingenuity, foiling 3,000 police officers deployed on motorcycles, in jogging gear and even inline skates.

Chinese organizers finally gave up on the relay, canceling the last third of what China had hoped would be a joyous jog by torch-bearing VIPs past some of Paris' most famous landmarks.

Thousands of protesters slowed the relay to a stop-start crawl, with impassioned displays of anger over China's human rights record, its grip on Tibet and support for Sudan despite years of bloodshed in Darfur.
Oh, what I would have paid to be there when the Free Tibet protesters took on the French policemen wearing inline skates defending the Olympic torch. Will Ferrell, eat your heart out.

Since it is never a bad time to bring this up, here's a great catalog of the crimes the Chinese regime. One of the guys who wrote it, Hu Jia, is currently locked away for the crime of insulting his government.

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