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Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm late to the party, but April is STD Awareness month. In honor of encouraging testing, I'm proud to announce that according to recent test results that are framed and hanging on my cubicle wall -- this reckless blogger is currently STD free. I pass along these obvious lab screw-ups results not to encourage the unprotected sex, or risky sexual activities that I have so fortunately gotten away with in the last few years; but rather to say that if even I can test negative for 7 STDs that there is a really good chance that you can too.

I recommend tSTD. It's a pretty cool service that cuts out the doctors visit and returns the results within 48 hours. Insurance doesn't cover it, but if you need a full battery of tests and you don't have all the symptoms, insurance probably won't cover you at a clinic either. The price isn't too bad, only $250 for all the important ones. They give you your results over the phone and post them to a secure web site, so that you can prove to your pesky partner that you really are disease free. Give them a try.

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