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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bald Eagle? Tastes Like Chicken ...

Animal conservationist Gary Paul Nabhan has come up with a novel way of saving endangered species -- slather them with barbecue sauce:

There are more than 1,000 plants and animals once commonly eaten in the United States that are threatened or virtually extinct, Nabhan says, and saving them means creating market demand for flavors that have fallen off American dinner plates. His combination cookbook and history, Renewing America's Food Traditions: Saving and Savoring the Continent's Most Endangered Foods, documents many of these once-common foods that reflect our culinary heritage. It's also a call-to-action on how to recover foods at risk before they go the way of the passenger pigeon.
"If we create local market demand for these — if we take these place-based heritage foods and make them the pride of our fairs and festivals and thanksgivings and picnics again — they will come back from the brink of extinction," Nabhan said in a conversation with Andrea Seabrook.

Now there's some environmentalism I can get behind. Frankly I've been dying to try me some fillet of panda ...

Read the whole story here (on NPR, no less).

Hat Tip: Lene Johansen.

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