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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Shouted Out "Who Killed the Clintons?" When After All It Was You And Me

After Hillary Clinton got her clock-cleaned in North Carolina and nearly lost in Indiana Tuesday, the main question now is why they hell does she still run? Is it ego? Massive self-delusion? Or is her campaign simply so punch-drunk after 5 months of ass-whuppings that they cannot see straight?

I'm going for the last possibility after reading this press release from Team Hillary:
So Hillary’s victory in Indiana - fought out against the backdrop of an ailing economy - is all the more incredible. We started out behind in both the public and internal polls.

For example, our March 13 poll showed Hillary trailing by 8 points, while our latest poll gave Hillary a 5 point lead. [Bold in original.]

Okay, but you won Indiana by just 51-49%. So what you are saying is ... that you blew a five-point lead? And you are citing this as proof of how well you did? After Clinton blew $6 mil more of her own money on the race?

Geez, woman, wake up and smell the reality. It's over. Take your consolation prize of a life-time U.S. Senate seat and be happy.

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