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Monday, May 19, 2008

Now You're Just Showing Off Emma

Behold, the power of blogging...and a printing press:
CHESTERTOWN - A 22-year-old poet from Towson - who can't decide whether she'll keep blogging on the Internet or printing her work with an antique hand letterpress - walked away from her Washington College graduation yesterday clutching a check for more than $67,000.
Yeah, I face the same dilemma every week, it's will I keep blogging, or...Actually never mind, in my case the alternative isn't using a printing press...It's usually pornography. OK, you got me -- always pornography. Unless you can jerk off with a printing press. You can't, can you? No? Are we sure about this? Because the normal humping-cushions-on-the-couch routine is starting to get old. Really old.

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