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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Tax on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Might Do the Same Thing

A California state legislator is calling for a tax on porn:
Democratic Assemblyman Charles Calderon proposed a 25% tax hike on adult entertainment such as strip clubs, DVD's and pay-per-view movies. He says it would help pay for programs related to the effects of the industry like drug use and sexually transmitted diseases.

Yeah, I'm sure none of estimated $700 million the tax will bring in will be diverted to something else. That never happens in politics.

Should the tax actually be enacted, adult entertainment industry spokeswoman Diane Duke (presumably her stage name) says they'll pack up and move:
"Make no mistake. Our industry will leave the state. A 25% multi-use tax on our industry would just be destructive."

Can they do that? Is this the kind of industry that can be done anyplace, without even leaving the hotel room? Help me here people.

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