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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That's Why I Always Offer To Take Them Home

A stripper is suing the club where she (presumably) used to work. She's claiming it is the club's fault that she got drunk and crashed her car, according to this report in the Birmingham News:
The suit alleges that managers at the strip club allowed her to leave work drunk one night last fall. She wrecked her car, resulting in serious injury, according to the suit filed last week.

Dancers receive a percentage of drink sales and make pretty good money doing so, according to the suit. On Oct. 17, [Stripper Patsy] Hamaker's sales were successful enough that she left work "in a highly intoxicated state," according to her suit.

"Defendants ... allowed a dangerous condition to exist by allowing said plaintiff to leave its establishment in such an intoxicated state while under said defendants' supervision and control," the suit says.

Management's negligence by allowing her to drive home drunk "was a proximate cause" of Hamaker's injuries, the suit says.

Well, the dummy could have ordered a coke or an iced tea or something else instead. It all costs about the same in those clubs. I mean, that's what I'm told, according to people who have been there ...

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