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Sunday, June 22, 2008

'Cause My Anaconda Don't Want None Unless You Got Buns Hun

In news that's certain to be good for somebody -- you know who you are -- Florida women are apparently eager to show up at hotels with strange men and have even stranger things pumped into their asses:
Miami-Dade's medical police busted a ''pumping party'' Thursday, where a man with no medical license had set up shop in a hotel room, offering to pump an unknown substance into women's backsides for ``buttocks enhancement.''

As the procedure was about to start, the women, three undercover police detectives, arrested Anthony Donnell Solomon, 22, of Miami, charging him with practicing without a license.

A similar incident resulted in the 2001 death of a Carol City woman.

''What's amazing to me is that this is not even unusual,'' said Dr. Seth Thaller, chief of plastic surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine. 'People get themselves injected with God-knows-what. What I want to ask them is, `What were you thinking?' ''
Read the whole story here. Wikipedia page on Sir Mixalot's classic here.

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