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Monday, June 02, 2008

How Many Joints? 3 Million Joints

An odd way to describe a marijuana haul:

EDMONTON - An Alberta man was sentenced to 18 months in jail Friday for helping to grow "three million joints'" worth of marijuana.

Jason Gary Patriquin, 30, pleaded guilty to producing a controlled substance after police caught him working as a "crop-sitter" at a rural grow-operation two years ago.
And it's impossible not to love Jason's attitude:

Patriquin had rented the property for six years and was the electrical subscriber for the greenhouses.

When he was interrogated by police, he was forthcoming and even lamented his laziness, according to the agreed facts.

"Greenhouses are easy to build," he said. "These ones, we whipped 'em up in almost an hour a piece."

"I should have made it better. I should have had a watering system in the plants. I could have done it a lot better actually but . . . (it's) just a lot of work."
Full story here.

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