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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Morning Afternoon After

I didn't watch the coverage last night because I was too busy doing important things like having sex and eating ice cream, but reading the blogs and online media today, everything is all about the historic and remarkable event that occurred last night when a black man won the nomination of his party. To which I say...Great! Fantastic! Good for Obama, and hope this proves to be a magic pill for our collective white guilt (which fortunately in my case was overshadowed by Catholic guilt, which not too long later was defeated by a healthy dose of porn, drugs and unprotected sex. If only white guilt was defeated so easily.)

In the meantime I think we have an election that we can all cry about, where are choices are a leftist Senator from Illinois who wants us all to come together to "remake" America, (presumably not in a way that would appeal to either me or any of you in our limited reading audience), or a demented grandpa from Arizona who thinks America speaks to him in his sleep and who’s major campaign strategy is to appeal to neither anyone on the Right or Left. Brilliant.

The only thing we have to look forward to is a possibly of a Clinton 3rd party run (not likely I guess, but it's fun to think about) and/or Bob Barr taking a few percentage points of the total votes.

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