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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

N.Y. Supreme Court Judge Has Supremely Big Balls

State Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner proved that Wednesday when he ordered the state to increase judge's salaries -- including, yes, his own. From the AP:
Lehner, who acknowledged he would be affected by his own decision, ordered the state to raise judicial pay to reflect cost of living increases since 1998.

He was ruling on a lawsuit brought by four judges [seeking pay raises from the state]. Chief Judge Judith Kaye is leading a different lawsuit against the Legislature to secure raises — but has warned judges not to protest through action from the bench.

New York's highest-paid state judge makes $156,000 a year. Lehner said previously that judges' pay has been so ravaged by inflation in the last nine years that a first-year associate at a large New York City law firm would have to take a pay cut to become the state's chief judge.

Yes, the economic downturn is hitting everyone ...

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