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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Alive

I'm still alive; just been in the process of a job change that has taken up the bulk of my time over the past week. Spent yesterday at a Concentra medical center giving my obligatory cup o'piss for a 10 panel pre-employment drug screen. My default position is to not work for any company that insists on mandatory drug screens, but practicality deems that position futile in today's environment. What fun.

Anyway, sorry for the light posting, it might continue for a bit as I complete this transition. (Whether it be to the new job or to a cardboard box somewhere on the streets of Baltimore after I fail my drug screen)

As for now; back to the blogging!


Pro-Life Politician: I had no idea that the $300 dollars and ride that I gave to the woman I was fucking was for an abortion. No, really he said that. Seattle Times:
A woman who dated congressional candidate Mike Erickson seven years ago said she asked him directly whether he wanted to have a baby. He shook his head no, she said, and paid for her abortion.[...]

Erickson agrees that he gave Tawnya $300 for medical help, and a ride to a doctor's office, but said he didn't know she was pregnant or planned to get an abortion.

Erickson, a Lake Oswego businessman, is the Republican candidate in Oregon's 5th Congressional District and is running on an anti-abortion platform. The charge that he provided money to Tawnya nearly derailed his campaign for the May 20 primary and could hobble his chances in the Nov. 4 general election against state Sen. Kurt Schrader, D-Canby.
I believe him. This one time I was in Mexico and paid a hooker $50 and pulled down my pants -- but I had no idea she was going to blow me. Or that she had a penis. OK, I knew she had a penis. But really, the blow job was completely unexpected. Good, but unexpected.

So if it wasn't "I didn't know she had a penis", what was Erickson's excuse?
Erickson gives a far different account of events.

He said he thinks that a week or two before the appointment, Tawnya called asking for help with money to see a doctor. A day or two before the appointment, he said, she called to say she had car troubles and needed a ride.

He said he didn't ask her why she needed to see a doctor, saying he didn't want to pry. "I knew her pretty well but not like — it wasn't my girlfriend — but it was somebody that I had a relationship with," Erickson said.

Erickson didn't wait around. "She said her friend was picking her up and they were going to do something at the mall, or something like that."
Not even an ounce of creativity in his excuse...I'd be disappointed in this douche bag if I was a Washington Oregon voter, not because he's a fucking hypocrite, rather because he's a lazy, fucking hypocrite. Come one man, accuse the chick of being a whore, demean her character, lie about where you were on the day the abortion happen. But for God's sakes, don't say that you gave her $300, then dropped her off at a doctors office, but had no idea that she was having an abortion -- you just thought she was going to the mall...or something. What a dope. An even bigger dope than your average politician.

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