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Monday, June 30, 2008

Translation: After 3 Years Americans Will Do Anything They're Told

Iowa becomes the newest smoke-free state starting tomorrow:
The state expects to make roughly 800 "compliance checks" during the first year of a statewide smoking ban scheduled to take effect Tuesday, but that number should drop to nearly zero within two years.

Bonnie Mapes, a division director in the Iowa Department of Public Health, told state Board of Health members Friday that her office expects 3,000 to 4,000 complaints about public smoking during the first year of the new ban. But only 800 or so of those complaints should require someone to visit the location in question, she said.

Based on the experiences of other states, site visits in response to complaints should drop by half in the second year, Mapes said: "By the third year, it's a community norm and virtually nothing needs to be done."

State board members on Friday approved 13 pages of rules governing how the smoking ban, approved by the Iowa Legislature in April, will be implemented beginning Tuesday.
Amazing...What can't 3 years and 13 pages of regulation accomplish?

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