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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Civil Rights Crusading -- NAACP Style

BALTIMORE (Map, News) - At Baltimore’s Lexington Market, cold beer is poured fresh from the tap — but there’s a catch.

To buy a cup of suds, patrons must also purchase food — a policy some customers call a “rip-off” and the NAACP alleges is “possible discrimination.”

“I think it’s extortion,” said Rodney Orange, the fifth past president of the Baltimore branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. “Why should someone have to buy food if all they want is a cup of beer?”

See, Rodney wanted a beer only -- no food -- and was told it was against market policy and he would have to buy food. Then, instead of worrying about things like the murder rate in Baltimore among young black males, or the unemployment rate, or any number of real problems in the black community; or just going to any other market in the city, he decided to protest the possible discrimination of Lexington Market for only selling beer to patrons who buy food. Makes sense. Or I guess I should say in Baltimore this makes sense.

See here, here for more proud and pointless moments (respectively) in recent Baltimore NAACP history.

Full story here. Via Baltimore Crime.

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