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Friday, July 18, 2008

Giving Drugs a Bad Name

Bad idea -- Calling the cops to report that you have drugs in your house. Really bad idea -- Calling cops to report that you have drugs in your house when you also have a Deringer on your person:
Police arrested a man and woman on drug charges Thursday after the woman claimed there was marijuana in their apartment and in her boyfriend’s truck, reports stated.

Misty Deanne Norwood, 39, of 400 Woods Road and Charles Thomas Cook, 42, of 436 Radio Springs Road, were taken into custody after police arrived and found a Deringer .22-caliber handgun on Norwood.

According to police reports, the drugs were found under a couch in the apartment. Police brought a K-9 unit to search Cook’s pickup truck and found more marijuana and a pipe with suspected methamphetamine residue in it.

Both Cook and Norwood remained at the Floyd County Jail this morning on misdemeanor assault and battery charges and possession of marijuana charges with no bond. Cook also faces felony possession of amphetamines charges.

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