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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Need to Become a Police Informant for a Preggo Prostitution Sting So I can "Maintain My Cover"

Drug bust in Connecticut nabs 64 street-level drug dealers; who as police say "were collectively dealing large amounts of drugs." Interesting way to distort phrase a low-level bust comprised mostly of addicts. 'Kinda like saying "collectively, everyone working at my non-profit earns a lot of money."

The Herald:
NEW BRITAIN - Complaints of street-corner dealing and a slight upswing in heroin use spurred teams of city officers to nab dozens of low-level drug dealers Tuesday in an early-morning sweep designed to curb open crack and heroin sales in the city.

The arrests were the result of a four-month investigation during which city narcotics officers tracked the activities of known dealers and videotaped their sales during controlled drug buys to informants.

The busts were focused on putting a crimp on street-level dealing in targeted areas, including the city's three neighborhood revitalization zones, public housing and the downtown area in front of City Hall.
In front of City Hall? I love it. Prohibition is such a failure that this city can't even control heavy drug dealing in front of their main municipal building. Great stuff this war on drugs.

And how about that 4-month long investigation into street-level drug dealers selling 5-15$ worth of drugs? Sounds involved and intense. I betcha' like Baltimore it must be hard to buy small amounts of crack and heroin on the streets of New Britain.
Heroin sells for about $3 a bag in Hartford, Williams estimates, but about $5 to $10 a bag in New Britain. "It's very easy to make a quick profit and then use the money to feed their own habit," Williams said.

[...]"Heroin appears to be up more than past years," Williams said. It's very easy to get and an easy way to get quick money."
Oh, never mind..It's "easy to get" and an "easy way to get quick money". That almost leads you to believe that in no time 64 people will quickly spring up to take the place of the soon-to-be incarcerated 64.

Here's the best part of this story:
One man claiming to be a confidential informant for New Britain police said two weeks before the sweep that he was paid $60 per drug buy and an extra $100 if a firearm was seized.

The informant said he had smoked some of crack cocaine bought from a dealer, to maintain his cover, before giving the rest to police.
Heh...Full story here.

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