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Thursday, July 31, 2008

LA Needs a Moratorium on Worthless, Overweight Women Serving on the City Council

Or, let's just ban city councils across the nation. Has a city council anywhere ever done anything productive? Anything at all?

A law that would bar fast-food restaurants from opening in South Los Angeles for at least a year sailed through the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday.

The council approved the fast-food moratorium unanimously, despite complaints from representatives of McDonald's, Carl's Jr. and other companies, who said they were being unfairly targeted.

Councilwoman Jan Perry, who has pushed for a moratorium for six years, said the initiative would give the city time to craft measures to lure sit-down restaurants serving healthier food to a part of the city that desperately wants more of them.

"I believe this is a victory for the people of South and southeast Los Angeles, for them to have greater food options," she said.
This story has been covered to death by blogs that actually, you know, have bloggers that blog; but I came across that last line from Jan (who incidentally may just be banning fast food restaurants because she doesn't have the self control to lay off the fried chicken and fries. Seriously Jan, you could stand to lose a pound or two.) and had to point it out. She perversely thinks that by limiting the number of restaurants that can open in her city that she is offering the citizens of LA gain more choices. Got it? 'Cause I don't. Other than it's magic. By taking away options, we give you more! The councilwoman can take this show on the road, start selling out auditoriums and making 747's disappear.

Full story here.

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