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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick Hits

News for this Monday (for me at least) afternoon:

It couldn't have been Applebees? or Ruby Tuesdays for that matter? Bennigans -- which used to be the only casual dining chain to have draught Guinness -- files for Chapter 7, as all of its company owned stores abruptly locked their doors for good today. Here's the man-on-the-street take:
Given the state of the economy, customer Bob Perkins said such mass-shutdowns as these are to be expected.

"The cost of food is just too high, and it's all related, with gas prices and the economy itself," Perkins said. "Until somebody takes a stand and does something, you're going to keep seeing this."
Ah yes. I remember reading in school about the Great Depression and all the faux-Irish Pubs that closed. I think -- but don't quote me on this, I'm only a historian if you count watching vintage porn as being a historian -- that similar closings of casual dining eateries is what caused the bread lines during the Depression. Or something like that.....Oooh, look at that muff!

Really? I somehow missed this until I saw it on Drudge. Pregnant Prostitutes to Face Charges. My post title from the other day was eerily prophetic....Or was it?

Nascar dads, soccer moms, now active grannies. Just one more electorate grouping for Baby Boomers who apparently are the only ones who decide every election in my lifetime.

And finally, but most importantly, Ted Stevens is indicted on 7 criminal charges. Yay!

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