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Friday, July 25, 2008

What Politicians Want, Politicians Get

Baltimore (and the state), a city with no professional hockey or basketball team, is planning on building a brand-new, 18,500 seat arena with a tax-payer subsidised price tag of about 300 million. Mind you, this comes at a time when MD Gov Martin O'Malley has raised just about every tax he could because of the 'tough budget concerns' the state faces. But apparently building a 300+million arena with no commitment as to a tenant is a necessity. The Baltimore Sun:
State and city leaders unveiled plans yesterday to tear down the aging 1st Mariner Arena and replace it with a new venue big enough to attract a professional basketball or hockey team to Baltimore - an idea that drew a skeptical response from the sports world.

Calling the 46-year-old 1st Mariner Arena "functionally obsolete," officials said a new 18,500-seat facility would draw the biggest concerts and acts to Baltimore and could play host to major events such as the NCAA basketball tournament. A new arena would probably cost $300million or more, paid for largely with public money, and could open as soon as 2012.[...]

We need a state-of-the-art arena because whether we have a major-league team in Baltimore playing basketball or shooting hockey pucks, this is a major-league city and it deserves a major-league arena," said M.J. "Jay" Brodie, president of the Baltimore Development Corp. and head of a panel formed to evaluate arena options. The panel issued its recommendations yesterday with the support of the mayor and the governor.
That's right, Baltimore is a "major-leagues city" that deserves a major-league arena. It doesn't matter if it needs one - (and really, does a city ever need a tax-payer funded arena? No, probably not, but it certainly doesn't need one when it doesn't have a team to fill it. Getting one extra Hannah Montana concert doesn't equal a NBA team) - some d-bags in City Hall and Annapolis just think the city deserves one. That and they all want some really sweet contracts to dish out to relatives and friends for the construction of this monstrosity. Excellent.

Full stroy here.

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