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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ban on Cheap Drinks Leads To Binge Drinking

Here's another for the list of nanny state laws that do more harm than good:
Before Sarah Bowman goes to the bar, there is a ritual.

A group of friends gather at someone's house, turn on some tunes, socialize and "pre-drink."

Sometimes there are three people, sometimes 10, but the objective is always the same: Get a buzz off cheap booze at home before heading to the bar where drinks cost $5.50 each.

"I rarely, rarely go to a bar without any alcohol in my system," said Bowman, 20, a University of Alberta nursing student.

The practice of pre-drinking is one the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission says it is monitoring, especially in light of a new alcohol policies, which came into effect Aug. 1 and will put an end to many cheap drink specials.

"A year ago, I hadn't even heard the phrase pre-drinking and now you're hearing it more and more," liquor commission spokesman Wes Bellmore said.

It is hoped the new policy, which includes minimum drink prices and happy hour regulations, will curb compulsive binge drinking and related post-bar violence.
Read the whole story here.

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