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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Civics Lesson from McCain: 'I'm not being elected dictator"

McCain in an interview with Politico says he will not make a one-term pledge, something that many conservative pundits had hoped for. He also pledges to work with Congress to make decisions for our country because in case you didn't know, we aren't electing a dictator in November. Apparently our country is like a republic. Or something like that.
LAS CRUCES, N.M. — John McCain stated unequivocally in an interview with Politico on Wednesday that he would not pledge to serve only a single four-year term, rejecting a suggestion that some allies believe would allay questions about his age and underscore his nonpartisan message of putting country first.

“No,” McCain said flatly, “I’m not considering it.”

There has been speculation that McCain, 71, could couple a single-term promise with an untraditional running mate such as Democrat-turned-independent Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.) to make the case that he would shove political interests aside and run a consensus-oriented government with the Democratic-held Congress.

On how he would be different from Bush:
“Let’s show the American people ... that there are opportunities for us to work together for the good of the country,” McCain said. “And I think that [the Democrats] would benefit as much or more as I would.”

McCain added: “I’m not being elected dictator — I’m being elected president. And you have to work with Congress. And they know the priorities as well as I do.”

As for those priorities, and specifically what the two parties could accomplish together in the first 100 days of a McCain presidency, he touched on spending cuts and entitlement reform before talking in more general terms.

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