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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Convention: Rumble in the Rockies

It's been awhile...Time for a drunk blogging, DNC Convention post!

8:15: My former Rep Steny Hoyer is now speaking. I don't really care about what he has to say, but I'd like it if PBS would go back to the round table that had the hot 20 year old Obama delegate.

"we Democrats have been working every day for hard working Americans...We raised the minimum wage" --me -- So be hard working Americans you mean white, middle-class teenagers? 'Cause that's who the minimum wage increase really helped.

More from Steny:
"Everyday we strive to honor a principle familiar to every American family. We ought to spend what we have." Really...he said that. How do Democrats try to act as though they don't spend a shit load of our money? Do they get away with it?

8:30: Union time! Service Employees International Union. Yuck. Uhh...So I hear that John McCain is offering "more of the same". Have you?

I want to face fuck the SEIU president until I blow a huge load in her eyes.

8:35: I'm pretty sure Arizona Gov Janet Napolitano is a man. Scary looking -- and sounding -- man.

8:50: Speaking of scary men....I needed a break and switched to TLC where it is Half Man Half Tree hour. Some fucked up dudes.

9:20: I don't care how drunk I get, this is boring shit. Bob Casey made me want to abort myself he was so dull. Where's Hillary? When does she come out? Or better -- where's Bill? Is he tom morrow? Shame, I want him speaking as much as possible.

10:00: Still waiting for Hillary....

10:40: Quite a video they put together. But a low energy enterance for Hillary. And Chelsea is more than bonable. This is the type of Convention coverage you expect out of TtP.

Michelle Obama is beyond bonable. Downright sexy.

It's tough to tell if this is a kinda-bad, low-energy Hillary speech; or just a normal, kinda-bad, low-energy Hillary speech. I actually forgot how not good she is at this type of thing. You know, speeches.

10:57: OK, I'll now say that she does seem to be doing more than her fair share for Obama. The back half of the speech is pretty damn good. Even gives a plug for hubby Bill, who hasn't gotten much praise during this convention.