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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Thought Democrats were the 'Buy Local' Party?

Apparently it doesn't apply to local exotic dancers:
The political convention is kind of a bust for downtown strip clubs, but techies in town for next week's electronics show should give the clubs a boost, one exotic dancer said.

Michelle Horning, a dancer at La Boheme, said business is slower this week than normal because there is a big lull in customers in the evenings during the political speeches. [...]

Business at another club, the Diamond Cabaret, has remained steady, employees said, despite several road closures due to protests that shut off the club's valet parking.

Horning said exotic dancers from across the country, expecting large crowds because of the Democratic National Convention, contacted La Boheme in the past several weeks hoping to dance this week. Management turned them down, however, opting to let the club's more tenured dancers take the stage.

Dancers and servers at the club are still hoping visiting Democrats will drop some cash at La Boheme, though.

"It's just been mediocre. At the end of the week, it will be better," Horning said.
No word on the hooker traffic during the convention; but just between us (and by us I mean the two people who still check out TtP -- yes I know who you are and where you live) we have a secret convention corespondent who always keeps his hands on the pulse, and ass, of the prostitution scene where ever he finds himself. I'll try and get a read from him after the convention.

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