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Monday, August 04, 2008

No Happy Endings At This Year's Political Conventions?

Seems that way. It turns out they aren't good for at least one area of the economy, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
Some outcall services that have sex for sale seem in agreement with activist groups that would like to eradicate the business; both think the influx of 35,000 visitors during the Sept. 1-4 [Republican] convention will mean a rise in prostitution.

On the other hand, St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh said his department discussed the issue with police in New York and Boston, which hosted the 2004 Republican and Democratic conventions, respectively.

"And what they have reported to us ... is that there is not an increase in that kind of traffic," Walsh said.


"In 2004 there were all sorts of media reports that sex workers were coming from all over the country to New York City because there were going to be so many potential customers during the Republican National Convention," said Juhu Thukral, director of the Sex Workers Project at New York's Urban Justice Center. "The reality was that a lot of [prostitutes] we heard from said they were leaving because there was going to be such a strong police presence, and so many people coming to town."
Read the whole story here.

I'm guessing the Republicans are too busy with the pay-per-view movies in their hotels and the Democrats are too busy with each other. Where's Eliot Spitzer when we need him?

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