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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sex Crime Friday Links

Gary Glitter is running out of South East Asian countries to call home. Gee...I wonder why he doesn't want to leave?
Glitter faces detention after refusing to board flight from Thailand

Disgraced former glam rock star demands to be allowed to stay in Thailand after deportation from Vietnam

The disgraced former glam rocker Gary Glitter could find himself behind bars again after refusing to board a flight to London following his deportation from Vietnam after serving a jail sentence for sexually abusing children.

The 64-year-old, whose real name is Paul Gadd, today remained in the transit lounge of Bangkok airport, where he had been due to change planes, but will be transferred to a detention centre if he continues to thwart efforts to send him back to the UK
Could Glitter be anymore obvious about wanting to have sex with little asian children? At least try to pretend like you aren't so eager to stay in countries that are pretty much only known for being an easy place to score pre-teen tail. Instead of trying to only go to Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand after being expelled from Vietnam after Gary already served a prison sentence for molesting 2 little girls; he should throw in at least one country that isn't noted for its pedophilia tourism. I dunno, like a Canada. Or Iceland.

Why you never trust ice cream truck drivers or men who coach sports teams who don't have a kid on the team -- Ice cream man pleads guilty to sex crimes:
There are disturbing new details about a man who pleaded guilty to a sex crime. According to an arrest report, back in March, an ice cream truck driver lured a mentally challenged 16-year-old boy with the promise of free ice cream.

Detectives say that's when Ibrahim Alsmadi touched the teen and forced the teen to touch him. Last week, Alsmadi pleaded guilty to open or gross lewdness. He still would've been selling ice cream to kids had city leaders not stepped in.
Not really a sex crime..But it's a crime in Dubai and it involves sex. Close enough.
A BUSINESSMAN accused of having sex on a Dubai beach with a fellow Brit claims they were only kissing.

Father-of-one, Vince Acors, 34, of Homesdale Road, Bromley, appeared before Dubai's Court of First Instance last Tuesday with sales rep Michelle Palmer, 36, in a hearing brought forward from August 21 to avoid intense media attention. Police allegedly caught the pair having sex on Jumeirah Open Beach, on July 5 this year and charged them with having an illicit affair, performing an indecent act in public and consuming alcohol.

The duo face up to six years in jail in the Islamic city if found guilty.
Yet one more reason why I will never step foot in Dubai. No booze, no sex and no drugs. Sounds like a great time.

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