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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Uh...I Think I'm OK with this Law

Columbus, Ohio:
Columbus -- It's a sad day when we have to pass laws to stop perverts from stealing and then drinking youngsters' urine.

But that's just where things stand in summertime Columbus, where two Republican lawmakers recently announced their intentions to introduce such a measure, in light of the recent actions of repeat offenders near capital city and their tendencies toward children.

State Sen. Steve Stivers and Rep. Jim Hughes, both Columbus-area Republicans, said their bills would make it a crime in Ohio "to collect urine, blood, tissue or other bodily substances without consent of the individual." (For those who give their consent: Yuck.)
Yuck indeed. If you're looking for examples of not-nanny-state-laws in action, this would be a good starting point.

More on the "tendencies" of some child predators that led to this law:
The bills stem from two incidents that occurred earlier this year. In June, according to the lawmakers, a convicted sex offender was discovered at a recreational facility "attempting to obtain and drink the urine of boys using the facilities," according to a release. "Despite the fact that the same man has been arrested for similar incidents numerous times over the years, area police could only charge him with criminal mischief because there are no laws on the books to specifically prohibit this activity."

And in July, another known sex offender was spotted repeatedly around another suburban community, armed with comic books and in the vicinity of children who were "around the same age as the 7-year-old boy he admitted to raping in 1996," according to the release. "Area police could do nothing but monitor the situation because he had not yet broken any laws."
Use your imagination to fill in the blanks on just how he was attempting to obtain urine; but I find I prefer to imagine the perv in a toilet costume, running through the park shouting YIPPEE!!

Full story here.

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