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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Words of Wisdom from the Georgian Beach Volleyball Team

So I'm still considering myself a blogger. I don't introduce myself anymore as "Rob the Blogger", more like "Rob the Functioning Alcoholic that Doesn't have Time To Do Things like Masturbating to My Favorite Porn, Let Alone Blogging"; but I'm hoping to get back to full-time blogger status if for no other reason then my current title is way too long and my lone co-blogger will be gone for the next three weeks. Looks like you guys are stuck with me.

In my absence, the Olympics have started, war has broken out in Georgia, Planned Parenthood released a new campaign Take Care Down There, and I have a nasty rash on my left arm pit. Important things first -- This rash is really annoying. Itches a ton. And I've watched every video at Take Care Down There, and I've seen nothing, absolutely nothing, on what my rash could be or on how to treat it.

I did learn that even if a dude doesn't spew in my mouth, I can still get a STI (apparently we aren't saying STD anymore). Thanks Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately I haven't had any (OK, many) cocks between my left arm, spew or no spew, so I don't think that advice helps me much. Or I guess it rules some things out...

As for my post title -- I was reading the latest AP report on rift between Georgia and Russia and it ended with this quote from a member on the Georgian women's beach volleyball team:
"Russia and Georgia are actually friends. People are friends," said the Georgian beach volleyball team leader, Levan Akhtulediani. "But you know, it's not, in the 21st century, to bomb a neighbor country, it's not a good idea."
The quote came after the Georgian team rallied to beat the Russians in beach volleyball. You'll excuse the Georgians at home for not celebrating too much...

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