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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baltimore Police & DEA Shutdown Major Heroin Distribution Ring; Drug Problem Solved in City

Last week a large joint operation between the DEA and Baltimore City culminated with 18 raids and 9 arrests city-wide. Putting aside all the groundbreaking reporting that the Sun does in this article, like the fact that drug dealers like to buy really expensive cars (whew knew?) that football players might have at one point owned, it's always interesting to see how these large-scale urban drug organizations essentially become a big business:
Here is how the operation is alleged to have worked, according to Collins' affidavits:

• Butler, aided by Calvin Wright, 36, and suspected money launderer Walter Horton, is alleged to have supplied large amounts of heroin to and maintained control of a group of drug-dealing shops throughout Baltimore.

• Alleged "managers" of the shops include Daron Ashe, 21; Geraldmain Wilkerson, 34, and his brother, Leon Wilkerson, 35; Akeem Yarberough, 31; Antoine Boston, 35; and Adrian Aulton, 36. Yarberough is at large.

• The ninth defendant, Shawn Moore, 22, is incarcerated in Jessup and accused of arranging to purchase heroin for distribution in jail.

The affidavit outlines multiple conversations involving drug-dealing operations and claims that Butler had also taken control of the city's "Red Dot" drug ring, which authorities allege distributes heroin throughout the city, obtaining up to 5 kilograms a week from a Queens, N.Y., supplier and making about $100,000 a week in profit.

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