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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I think I'm Going To Kathmandu/That's Really, Really Where I'm Going To

So what's going on in the world? Oh, just a suddenly hot presidential election, renewed tensions with Russia, more violence in the Middle East and a complete and total meltdown of the financial markets. I could comment on those ... or I could link to a story about strippers.

Dang, you know me too well:
KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Hundreds of disco workers protested in Kathmandu on Monday against a government crackdown on "nude dancing" in its bid to improve the deteriorating law and order.

Police have raided scores of discos, nightclubs and dance bars in the past two weeks and detained 1,500 people saying many were running bars where "nude dances" were performed, not allowed by law in the Hindu majority society.

There are hundreds of such night spots in the Kathmandu valley, although the country has no specific law to regulate them.

A Maoist-led government which took power in August has already ordered the bars should be closed an hour before midnight, to halt worsening public security in the capital, home to more than two million people.

Bar and disco operators are protesting the move would jeopardize their business and render 80,000 people jobless.
The AFP adds:
Protesters blew whistles and screamed slogans "Stop the crackdown on night workers" and "Down with government," as they rallied in Thamel, Kathmandu's tourist hub, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

Police watched the protesters but no one was arrested.
Hmm, now why would police just stand around and watch the girls ... ohh, yeah, right.

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