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Thursday, September 04, 2008

'I'd Hit It', Along With More Insightful Commentary

I caught the majority of Palin's speech last night while tending bar; so I was pretty drunk and little preoccupied, but from what I saw/heard, plus the reaction of my 5-7 customers, it was a winner. To sum it up -- Great speech, good delivery, pretty family.

More specifically:

1. I dug her hair. I dug everything. The whole look reminded me of my slutty 11th grade History teacher who tried to press sexual harassment charges on me. Pouty lips, stern face, looks great in heels. How do you not love her look?

2. Attractive family. The daughter is what I dream about 17 year old pregnant girls looking like....You know IF I dreamt about that type of thing, which is to say of course I do.

Side note on this kid Levi who struck gold with a Palin vagina -- Is there a luckier 17 year old soon-to-be-dad out there? For any other high school boy, finding out that you knocked up your girlfriend is the worst news ever. At least for me it was. Damn scary. That could be beccause the girls I was boning had mothers who worked at the Hair Cuttery, not the Govenors mansion...But that's my point, this kid is set for life now all because he knocked up a 17 year old. I want that life.

3. She can give a good speech. I pretty much agree with what has been repeated 100 times since last night about her style -- she delivers a great speech in a Middle-America kind of way. Good rhythm, tone, language, everything. It's a much, MUCH different style from Obama, but still effective. Maybe more so, maybe not. Time will tell.

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